Yanase / やなせ

現役バリバリのぷよぷよプロゲーマー。出会う人に愛と笑顔を振りまく父性溢れるぷよらーで「色んな人を楽しませる」を掲げ日々活動に邁進している。 国体代表を務め、公式プロライセンスも取得。公式戦ぷよカップに優勝。現在ぷよぷよアートで神の所業を多数披露し、界隈の度肝を抜いている。


This is a highly active Puyo Puyo professional gamer who radiates love and smiles to everyone they meet, embodying a paternal spirit as a Puyo enthusiast. With a commitment to “entertain various people,” they diligently engage in activities every day. Serving as a representative in national competitions and holding an official pro license, they have clinched victory in the official Puyo Cup. Currently, they showcase divine feats through Puyo Puyo art, consistently leaving the community astonished.

Moreover, they exhibit prowess as a dual player in Hearthstone, having conquered the world championship. In the official tournament, the 7th “Lobby Legend: Malokai’sed” held in October 2022, they emerged victorious in the Battlegrounds category.

Categories PUYO2

Website https://twitter.com/yanase24a

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