Nobuyasu Kanai

PN: Sasa

Not as much as to his wife, he loves alot drinking with every meal and gaming. After face to ageing over 30, he is having hard time with losing his sight of finding cross-hair. Sasa means Sake in traditional Japanese.

Jiro Yuge


Jiro is a Hydro-carbonist.  He desire to wet his throat with coke to feel pressure. 
Because he bought his gaming device after joining to Tres Corvos Arima, he is a pure newbie and so his skill is undefinable.

Takeshi Takenaka


He knocks down his game-pad so easily than his against because of his 10 horse power arm.
Ironically his move is very delicate and sensitive.

Shuhei Nishida


Due to ankostic/pastive differences, he is contemplating to broke up team. He is a anti-pasted-anko (red beans).
Even though he is a complete elder gamer, way his finger moves nice and smooth. It is because he using olive oil a lot in his work.

Junya Takeda


He, the pastry chief , loves beer more than cake, who has been use to call “the legendary parasitemonster hunter”
His training is to run around his hose every night dreaming to beat his son in splatoon.

Yasuka Sumigama


His posing skill is way up higher than ordinary gaming character does. He consist of 90% muscle in his body and his macho muscle reflexively decides the battle situations. His muscle is his brain, not that means his brain is muscle. 

Sawa Kanai


Struggling to bring up her kids, she, a bulldozing hunter, is struggling to clear the quest of Nergigante.
Her ability to shoot ink is fairly good, but, once again, she is having hard time to rank up with sharing her switch to her son.

Kohei Morita

PN:Genki Morita

In some chance, someone would might sometimes feels his royal elegance, because he has been known as the descendant of Emperor Jimmu. Instead of the God of comedy let him become a comedian, the God of football gave him a gift to be a professional Pro Evolution Soccer player.

Kazuki Hashimoto

PN: Genki Hashimoto

He loves playing with an unicorn inside of his head.  Because he spent his youth actively with sumo, kendo, soccer, and fishing,  he masters passive skill “everyday hyper”.  and also he become a professional Pro Evolution Soccer player.

Keisuke Yanagiyama


He won as second place of KONAMI’s official PES coop player tounament with Genki Morita and Genki Hashimoto  as covering absence player. Even though he was a newbie for the game, his experience  of the football coach job effected gaming skills and team work.