有馬温泉で旅館業に従事しながら、トレスコルヴォス有馬の拠点となる観戦用eスポーツバー「BAR DE GOZAR」オープン。「有馬玩具博物館」やプレミアムサンドイッチショップ「SABOR」、博物館ホテル「オテルアルゴ」を担当する。

While working in the ryokan industry in Arima Onsen, I have opened an e-sports bar named ‘BAR DE GOZAR,’ serving as the base for Tres Corvos Arima. I am also in charge of the Arima Toy Museum, the premium sandwich shop ‘SABOR,’ and the museum hotel ‘Hotel Argo.’

Ranked just after my wife, I have a deep love for three things: sake, games, and my wife. After hitting my thirties, my fear of not being able to see the crosshair well and having shaky aim haunts me. Yet, I continue to ponder over the latest devices. Sasa is osasa when it comes to Sake.

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