Lunamado / ルナマド

国内最強のクッパ使い。自分だけの武器を模索するプレイスタイルで、使用キャラは多岐に渡る器用なエンターテイナー。キャラのTierと今期アニメのTierチェックは入念。HarthstoneやSplatoon2も得意にこなす。スマバトSP16 優勝・Nintendo Live 2019 最強ファイター決定戦 優勝。

This individual is recognized as the strongest Bowser player in Japan. Their gameplay style involves exploring unique tactics and strategies, making them a versatile entertainer with a diverse range of characters at their disposal. They are adept at various games, not only excelling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where they achieved victory in the Smabato SP16 and the Nintendo Live 2019 Strongest Fighter Championship, but also showcasing skills in Harthstone and Splatoon 2. Keen on evaluating character and current anime tiers, they stand out as a well-rounded and accomplished player.

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